Album Launch: ARC (with Tolemn and Yukon Weekend Television)

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Formed in 2018, ARC’s members emerged from varied careers in music therapy and
education with a shared aspiration: to explore their collective vision of music creation.
Blending elements of modular synthesis with traditional instrumentation, arc’s
compositions are entirely spontaneous, and without pre-recorded tracks or
predetermined structures.The trio, consists of Indo-Canadian Stephen Venkatarangam, Annabelle
Brault, and Adrian Aitken.
Drummer Adrian Aitken emphasizes, “We try to embrace the
moment, allowing our music to unfold organically, creating dynamic and evolving
soundscapes that resonate with both us and our audience.” Despite the improvised
nature of their performances, arc’s music maintains a cohesive and engaging quality for
audiences. “Each performance is an exploration, with every member contributing to the
collective narrative or ‘arc’,” reflects Brault.
The debut album release marks a significant milestone for the collective, showcasing
their artistic evolution since their formation in 2018. To celebrate this occasion, arc will
host a digital release party at Ursa on April 6th, 2024, a venue committed to supporting
Montreal’s vibrant arts and music community. The event will feature special guests
Tolemn, a California/Montreal-based electronic post-rock duo—who also have just
released a recent album—and solo modular synthesist Yukon Weekend Television.
Doors open at 8 pm, promising an evening of experimental exploration and engaging




Apr 06 2024


8:00 pm