Aistis & Benjamin Vallee

Aistis & Ben Vallee
Admission $18.90 available HERE
Doors 6:30 with food and music
Show at 7:45pm
a showcase of new music
It’s going to be a cozy evening where Ben Vallee and I present new songs in the stripped-down ways they were written, with special guests accompanying on stage throughout the evening. Space is limited, so grab your tickets and come warm up by the piano.
AISTIS, also known as Aistis Cepinskas (born April 29, 1995), is a Canadian alt-folk musician, singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from London, Ontario, Canada, currently based in Montreal.
Aistis blends alt-folk music with rich textural layering of orchestral arrangements, lush vocal harmonies, country-western twang, soul, and ethereal indie rock. In his own words, he describes his art as, “lyrically unapologetic”, and writes as an attempt to pursue truth, the nuances of life, and as a way to dissect and better understand himself and the world around him.
In 2017, Aistis released his debut full-length album titled “Love Me, I’m Bored” which covered a diverse range of topics and ideas soaked in personal intimacy, as well as brute and sincere honesty. Discussing themes such as the unconventional aspects of love, and the cancer of romanticism and idealization, Aistis debuted his music to the public as an artist that has a distinct idea in what he is trying to achieve, both lyrically and sonically. 
 After spending the past three years working on two new albums, and touring/playing with Niall Mutter, Aistis will be releasing his sophomore EP, titled Method Actor, in the fall of 2022.
BEN VALLEE is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Dorval, QC. His primary outlet of songs is with Montreal’s country & western outfit “Bule”. His pedal steel playing can be heard with artists such as Steel Saddle, Sussex and Mike McKenna Jr.


Dec 02 2022


8:00 pm - 8:00 pm